A few simple steps to Certification

Once your management system is in place it’s just a few simple steps towards certification:


Request a Quotation

Complete a questionnaire form to obtain a quotation for your business. This will enable us to provide you with relevant information and timescales based on your requirements.

Application for Registration

Complete, sign and return the application for registration form to BQAI. You may wish at this stage to submit your system documentation with your application for an immediate assessment. Timescales for the certification assessment cycle can also be agreed at this point.

Initial Assessment – Stage 1

Send or present on site your system documentation to BQAI for review. This will ensure that your documented system covers the requirements of the Standard (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc.). We will then provide you with a report detailing the level of compliance to the requirements of the standard.

Main Assessment – Stage 2

A pre-registration assessment will be conducted at your business location(s) by the BQAI team. Upon successful outcome and approval a certificate will be issued and presented.

Surveillance Assessment – Maintaining the system.  After registration the BQAI team will carry out an annual assessment to help you maintain your system.