About Us

We are an accredited management system certification body focused on business improvement, sustainability and performance.

BQAI  is an independent management systems certification body based in Clarinbridge, Galway, Ireland. Established in 2001, we pride ourselves on our track record in measurably improving all the organisations we deal with.

We achieve this by adopting a partnership approach, recognising that all businesses are different and only appointing competent assessors that have experience in your specific sector.

BQAI’s certification activities are also independently verified by an experienced governing board consisting of leading representatives from academia, business and the public sector.

BQAI follows the principles and requirements for impartiality and competence in the delivery of management sysems standards.  Impartiality is maintained through top management and Governing Board commitment and an understanding of the importance of ensuring objectivity and managing conflict of interests for all certification activities.  Competence is assured at all levels within the organisation through the engagement of highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel, which is maintained by continuous professional development.