Benefits & Costs

We seek to offer the best value for money for all business sectors

Business Quality Assurance International (BQAI) is an Assessment and Certification Body whose expertise and professionalism combine to deliver certification services. Our services are consistently delivered so that your organization will reap benefits from each and every assessment, supporting your key business objective of continuous improvement. Unlike most companies in this field BQAI Ltd, specializes in assessment and certification services. This is our exclusive area of business

The Benefits

– We build an effective and friendly partnership with our clients

– Experienced and Professional assessors who understand your business
– Straightforward processes and cost structures
– Helpful and accessible office staff

The Cost

– We seek to offer, and provide, the best value for money for all business sectors. Every business differs and our charges depend, amongst other factors, on the nature and size of your business and the numbers employed. This determines the amount of work we will have to do initially and on an ongoing basis.

– In order for us to provide you with an individual quotation please feel free to contact us.  All quotations and initial visits are done without charge or obligation and so you’ll know exactly how much our services will cost before incurring any expense.